“Edwin is a wonderful builder, and I wouldn’t have considered anyone else for this job. When we were ready for our second project, we only wanted Edwin as our project manager. He took full responsibility for the job. He handled all pricing, hiring of subs, and all other aspects of the hob. Edwin is organized, honest, reliable, friendly, and a wonderful builder. He is demanding, and expects all to go well. He always has things lines up ahead of time to prevent delays. I know many other people who have used Edwin, and have never heard a bad comment. He finished projects on time, gets the pricing exactly right, ad keeps everyone involved productive and happy. I highly recommend Edwin Clark for future building projects at Ford Plantation an elsewhere. I’ve been involved with many builders, Edwin is the best.”

– Laura S. Armitage

“Working with Edwin Clark was a pleasure. Throughout the entire project, he maintained excellent contact with us, and the details of our house were meticulously executed. Edwin provided excellent supervision of the sub contractors and managed the construction process within the agreed time-table. Since we made quite a number of changes the standard “Brampton” cottage, including constructing it as a mirror-image of the standard, our project was slightly more complicated than the standard house. Edwin was required to provide close supervision of all of the trades, which he did to our complete satisfaction. Anyone who knows Edwin will tell you, he is the personification of the southern gentleman – courteous, knowledgeable and eager to make our Ford Plantation construction project a positive experience. We would be pleased to work with Edwin again and can recommend him without hesitation to anyone contemplating construction at the Ford Plantation.”

–  Mitchell L. Kornbilt

“Edwin’s performance as a manager of the project was truly outstanding. He demonstrated the ability to: Keep the construction on a schedule in spite of frequent weather delays in the spring, manage and coordinate subcontractor activities including maintaining quality and timeliness. He was respected by the subcontractor group and treated them with respect. He knew when to advise us of key issues as they developed and before they become problems. He promptly advised us of the cost of change orders and helped to keep them to a minimum. He would also diligently follow-up on punch list items. In Summary, Edwin has good communication and organization skills, and clearly demonstrated that he has the experience, knowledgeable, and commitment to excel as a builder of high-end homes.”

– Mike D. Killian